Pregnant Ashley Graham Praised for Nude Photo With Stretch Marks - naked pic pregnant


Pregnant Ashley Graham Shows Off Stretch Marks In Empowering Nude Selfie | HuffPost naked pic pregnant

Aug 19, 2019 The supermodel, who recently revealed she is pregnant with her first child, posted a photo on Instagram showing off her curves and stretch marks. Graham, 31, is famous for her inspiring messages of body positivity, and fans loved her latest, unretouched photo. “I’m pregnant.

Aug 22, 2019 Ashley Graham basically shook the Internet earlier this week when she posted a nude pregnancy photo showing off the changes her body's currently going through—and people are definitely here for it. In a series of Instagram Stories on Graham's account, she highlighted tons of women.

Aug 19, 2019 Model Ashley Graham announced she was pregnant with her first child last week. She and her husband Justin Ervin shared the news on.